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Hey guys, sorry went out for a short ride on the gsxr with it being nice out and all... Still only have less than 3k miles on it lol. Not to bad for an '07.

Vu did talk to me about having it at my crib. It's totally cool to have it at my house as long as no one is afraid of dogs. I know, i know these three look man eating but i assure you they only bite for your testicles... So if anyone doesn't want to lose their man things, I suggest a cup perhaps? Joking...they'll be inside the house anyways. Seriously though, they dont bite...they may jump on you a little bit but that's it. So if that's cool with everyone then it's fine with me...

What time was everyone thinking? If you guys wanna do it around 2:30 I can buy some drinks (beer/sodas) and light up the grill for some brats and burgers. Let me know what you guys think and call/text me to let me know so I can run to the store to make sure we got all that.

Also, post up what mods so I can make sure that I have the appropriate tools (i.e. jackstands, torque wrench) because I have to gather some of my stuff from friends who "borrowed" things for an extended length of time. lol