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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
hahaha looks like its just you me and Vu for now. No worries about the food or drinks, I think we'll have enough to do with helping out on each others cars. I need to do my DRL harness for sure *still need to find a place that sells those T-tap things.

If you have a jack I might take you up on that cuz I need to get under my car and figure out what's going on with my exhaust.
that's cool, i'm going to at least get some brewskis

i gotta call my buddy to get the jack and jack stands...let me know for sure Seth and I'll grab it from him tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Evoelf View Post
what about meeting up on the 25th or the 26th?
I think Noodles wants to do it this Saturday so he can get something put

If we do it at my house it needs to be this Saturday because one of my dogs is going to go through ACL surgery so I cant have anything here that gets him worked up (i.e. visitors) during recovery.

Evo, you should try and make it anyways if you can.