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Originally Posted by Atty
Hey FDC,

Wondering how you know that...did your dealer tell you?

If yours is coming in on the NYK line, that means its coming via the west coast according the ultimate ordering guide. I am hoping this isn't right and that they stop on teh east coast first, because travel time would be alot longer. According to the guide, cars for the eastern half of the country should come over on the W&W line.

I'm in St. Louis, and my car is currently awaiting "deportation" according to BMW OC, so I am assuming we'll be traveling together.

Do you have any specifics on the ship? When/where is it docking in the US, and when is your final delivery date at the dealer?

The dealer told me that 4 days before bmw web site.
My ship is Franconia k-line that left Bremerhaven on 9/28.
It is an Atlantic shuttle route heading to Charleston.
It should arrive ~ Oct 10-12 in Charleston. My dealer told
me that it takes another 2 days to get to Chicago.
We will see....
The web link I am using are:

on dbh web site at:

Port of Charleston arrival schedule:

325xi, leather.

Departure: Bremerhaven Sept 28, 2005
Vessel: Franconia K-line (
Arrived at the Port of Charleston at 04:40 on Oct. 10, 2005
Arrived At VPC: 10/11/05
Left the VPC: 10/14/05 3:40pm
Arrived at the Dealer: 10/15/05 3:00pm
Delivery: 10/18/05 10:00 am