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Originally Posted by dsc201knoc View Post
The street team is going out recruiting local bmw/euro enthusiasts. Juls and I decided to bring more people into the BMW/e90post and even more european cars into the loop around fort bragg, fayetteville and the local areas...

There are a butt load of ricers, donks and monster truck impalas around here to make everyone in the world throw up.. . its time for a change and the time is now...

"Cole Slawson For District Councel"

Please hold the applause until the end..... Looking to get people together on saturday nights for some photos and some food... So if you want to get involved just post here or shoot me a pm...

Thanks as always
Damon aka Cole Slawson
+1..Amen brotha

I know a few BMWs that casually park at the same these 2 E46 at grubber and get them flyers started so we can recruit!!