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Originally Posted by MIKEYBMW1 View Post
I am going to fit my kit soon hope its not too hard to fit as don't have a lot of time or should I gat the dealers to fit it ?
Hi Mike,

I have done loads of DIY jobs on other cars, mainly VW but I installed this kit as my first DIY project on the BMW.

As mentioned above the tricky bit is the wiring, this took me a few hours alone. Just make sure you fully read the document provided on this thread and convert the short colour coding key into the actual colours and write this down to help you so your not flitting back and to to the index. Make sure when you crimp the wires you apply a lot of pressure so they dont slip out.

Take your time and before you snip anything double check and you should be fine. If in doubt ask again on here before you commit even if you think its a really dumb question.