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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
How about a Toyota Corolla...they're still in F1....(unless Panasonic Toyota pull out during Winter break like Honda did...)
or some Renault....

well...i won't make my vehicle decision just based on the manufacture participance in Formula 1.....

I think BMW rather save 500+ million Euro than just earn 90k car from you....

Even if BMW doesn't succeed in F1 this season...doesn't mean in other motorsport they are a failure too....look at ALMS....the E92 M3s are doing quite good.....and BMW never say they WILL never return to F1....
I like ALMS, but not as much as F1. I like MotoGP. The X6M is a badass safety car. I thought it was great that BMW was gonna start supplying customer engines in F1. I hope BMW returns to F1. I doubt that it is likely.

F1 is considered my many to be the pinnacle of motor sport. BMW was a competitive force in the sport. Many are sad to see them leave. I'm probably not the only one who is slightly bitter about it. It's actually an exciting time in the sport whether or not BMW is a player. In the end BMW Sauber never captured me as a fan. I wish the new Sauber team a competitive future.

I don't think I would make a vehicle purchase solely on manufacturer participation in a sport but profits from my purchases could go towards my favorite sport. That certainly influenced my recent decision.

Honestly, I'd buy a three cylinder diesel compact BMW but I can't imagine the post apocalyptic future in which they'd actually sell one in this country. They don't offer the incredible 23d engine here. They don't sell alot of their best (engine) products here. The marketing talks about efficiency but they only offer relative large displacement engines in the US. What gives?

The news is constantly bad about companies canceling exciting sports car projects and I understand that BMW is trying to spin the green thing into something exciting. But the new concept is not as cool as the current BMW Sauber F1 car IMO. Not by a long shot.
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