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Exclamation so here's what happened

Car was found 3 months later, in one piece. Here's the supposed story:

Two hispanic teenagers about 19 yrs old sitting in a van smoking weed. Cops pull up run the tag and the van is stolen. They pull out the two kids in the act of smoking. One of them has a BMW key on a chain around his neck. Cop presses the button on the key and the beemer is parked two cars over. Cops run the tags for all 5 cars parked there, 3 other cars including the van are stolen and recovered. After searching the van they find more weed and two stolen guns. So these kids are caught with stolen guns, drugs, and 4 cars. The beemer, even though I haven't seen it, was in one piece and being enjoyed as a joy ride.

ps - I've been subpoena'd to testify at trial but I'm now working in another state. I've bought a Hyundai Genesis coupe (V6) since then. Still miss the hell out of the beemer. Never got to go back into the car and recover my lost personal belongings, subs and amps, GPS and all that. Have no idea what happened with all that, will ask the state prosecutor. Thanks for asking everyone.

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