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exhaust vanos help!

hey guys;
everytime getting the limp mode and scanning my car with the GT1 getting the code " 2A87 VANOS exhaust- stiff, jammed mechanically " it happens only when i drive with high speed and suddenly pushing the brakes, i get the half engine light popped up.... the worst part is that i got the exhaust vanos part changed, i changed many oil types and markets and still nothing changed, chain tension is exact, oil level is ok, both solenoid was replaced, Cam sensor is ok, i did everything related with the exhaust vanos repair troubleshooting, and i keep getting the vanos exhaust error on the GT1.... i was reading arround and there was a thread about rare camshaft issues can cause this, so i was wondering if this was my case
Originally Posted by 1clean335i
if its the cam problem im thinking of, its only the cam bearing ledges/caps. the end seals toward the front of the vehicle wear a groove into the cam ledges and causes vanos faults for either intake or ex. its just the cam ledges/caps that get replaced, not the actual camshaft... that is unless there is another issue which i do not know of
any help guys?