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If we had a couple more days I would have added in a trip up to the 'ring and a spin on the 'ring taxi. IMO the ultimate one week ED trip intinerary is to start out with a couple days relaxing in Munich, ideally with local friends from University or whatever your business. Then some moderate speed touring to visit other towns like Regensburg and do some castle touring. Then over to Nurnberg and a ride in the 'ring taxi. Then down to the Salzburg/Berchtesgaden area to do some hiking. Then the Grossglockner. Then a day or two in the N. Italy lake country, Bellagio or Como. Then back through the Timmelsjoch to Fussen and (sigh...) Munich for drop off.

On a two+ week tour I would add a leg through Austria and Slovenia to Croatia and the Adriatic coast, maybe all the way to Dubrovnik. Then a ferry over to Italy, over and up the Mediterranean to France, over to the Spanish border near Perpignan for some snorkeling and general beach partying, then into the Pyrenees for more hiking, small roads back across southern France up to the Alps again, past Switzerland back to Italy and the Timmelsjoch... Maybe add in a few days/weeks/months in case you make some new friends somewhere.

Oh yeah, I forgot that the reason I was responding was in regard to the break-in. That is the subject of many other threads; suffice it to say that I consider an ED to be a once in a lifetime orgasm, hence restraint on the autobahns/grossglochner/timmelsjoch is a matter of personal choice and good judgment. Listen to your engine at moderate speeds for the first few hundred miles, feed it the highest octane petrol, and if all seems in order then gradually let it sing for limited and varied durations.