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Help!!: Car Presets Keep Reseting/ Halos dont work

Hey guys..
OK so this has been happening for about a week or so and I dont know why. I have an appointment with BMW on tuesday as I told them that my daytime running lights werent working. So heres what happens:

-Sometimes I get in my car and everything is normal. I start it up and my programmable buttons are all correct and what I programmed them as. My halos work when I turn the light switch to the Angel Eye position and everything is fine.
- Then sometimes I turn on the car and all the programmable buttons (on my wheel and on my dash) are DIFFERENT. I bought this car second hand and it seems like the presets were radio stations that the previous owner might have programmed. idk. At the same time, when i turn my lights to "Halos only" NOTHING HAPPENS.

This all seems like I disconnected the battery somewhow but i havent touched that. And another thing is that the clock is still correct which usually resets during something like that. The only thing that I have done power wise is splice into my cigarette lighter wires to get power and a ground for an ipod charger. Would that be causing this? I cant see how that could affect my lights and radio/wheel/button presets.

Let me know if any of you know what this could be and if BMW will blame it on my ipod charger if they see it...