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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
yup...and that's what Flavio said....he left to save Renault....
otherwise....i'm pretty sure there will be a hefty fine for Renault and penalty that can match the ones given to McLaren in 2007....

that's not good news for the mechanics and pit-crews for Renault...the championshop points are generally how teams award bonus to them (as most are just mechanics picked from various Renault factories) for the year...

McLaren still count the points themselves to award bonus even FIA stripped them from WCC...and issued bonuses to the mechanics....i'm not sure if Renault will be the same if that should happen....keep in mind...those mechanics are not as wealthy as those major engineers, team principal and drivers...they are just workers for Renault who has a regular family to support....
There should be an extremely hefty fine in this case. I am thinking the FIA assumes that Renault carried a loss from crashing his car so it was enough of a "fine" already. I call major bullshit on that one.