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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
sounds like kindagarden....

kids: "sorry i promise i won't throw stones at Jimmy again.."
teacher: "ok...just don't do it time you will get grounded..."

geez...what has F1 comes to nowadays....
usually when you committ a crime in a society...u go to a court and get punished....
They are getting punished. They can't race for two years. Think about the loss of money that is. Everybody sees this as a slap on the wrist because the punishment is not financial. McLaren lost constructor points and paid $100 million. But they were allowed to race and keep racing.

Think of the financial problems of the development team who have probably been getting a 2010 car ready for next season. That is all going to have to be scrapped. You have engineers’, aerodynamicists’, chemists’, etc salaries to pay off for work that no longer matters. Then you have the entire Renault team who are going to be given royalties since they are all out of a job for next year and the year after. So you have management, race engineers, mechanics, logistics personnel, nutritionists, physicians, etc. Any guaranteed money from race and test drivers’ contracts will still have to be paid out. That’s going to add up fast. Not to mention their customer, Red Bull, is no longer going to be buying engines from them. I know that is no small some of money.

And do you think they are going to get back in F1 after two years and be a contender? I think not. So you have to add in more losses due to poor performance. Do you think the sponsors are going to stay? Most contracts of that nature have a clause that says something along the lines of fraudulent activity or actions that would bring the sponsor’s name into disrepute voids the contract. So more then likely, they’ll all be gone. So you have no investor’s pockets to pay all of this with to begin with.

Just because everything is not written down in the WMSC documents does not mean they are not suffering financially.