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Originally Posted by bimmer
DavidN, I am totally new to detailing. I already made some swirls on the paint by washing with sponge . I am quite upset by this fact. Please let me know where in Toronto I can buy Klasse products (I did not see them in Canadian Tire). So far I bought some products form CT but beside simoniz sheepskin premium mitt nothing is worth to mention (turtle wax, Meguiar's quick wax). I read your article form page 1 but I was overwhelmed but all this info. Please, let me know in simple steps what to do and what products to use (use only products available locally). I want safely wash, protect and make the car very shinny as well as get rid of some small swirls that I made by using stupid sponge . Man, I did not know that washing the car could be that complex!

Thank You
Hey man;

You're right. There is a lot of info and it can be very overwhelming.

For the swirls you made, you will need a machine to remove them. If you do not want to get a machine, then you can just live with them. But try to minimize any further damage by taking more care when you wash and dry the car.

As for how to fully detail your car with local products:

1. Wash with two sheepskin mitts. One for all parts of the car above the middle of the doors and one for below the middle of the doors. Start washing at the roof of the car and work your way down. Always wash wheels and tires first with their own dedicated wash mitt and bucket/soap. The meguiars gold class car wash at canadian tire is good.

2. Clay your car (optional). The mothers clay kit at Canadian Tire is good.

3. Polish your car. You can use the mequiars step 1 and 2 (in that order) of the three step system to do this. Both products are available at canadian tire. Both products will have some filler to hide the swirls you made.

4. Wax. Go with a pure carnuba paste wax, like mothers california gold which is available at Canadian Tire as well.

Hope this helps.