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Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
I think it should be compared to the HiFi option instead ........ Alpine is only for a front seat sound stage - something I always previously thought I would dislike.

I only ever put front speakers in anyway, along with a sub, you only need rears if the fronts are not good enough.
If I do have rears I like to be able to cut everything but the mid range so it doesn't drag the soundstage backwards.

The DLS CA31 amp is also a good 'un, will take the speakers level from the head unit and drive the front speakers and subs seperately, meaning you could upgrade the subs too at some point.

That is 240 online, so could be a real contender.

2 x 65 Watts into 4 ohm + 1 x 280 Watts in 2 ohm, so perfect for the Earthquake subs.

Would be a really easy install too.