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Originally Posted by youyou
And if you live in Florida then are you doing up at 5am??
You a nut like me??
Hah. Yeah it's 5:24AM here now. Need sleep. Had to wake up early to accept delivery of the present I got my Dad for Christmas from FedEx Freight. He rang the doorbell, showed me to the truck and said OK, there it is, now how are you going to get it off the truck? I said, ummmm, that's your problem, right? Turns out it was my problem or he would have to charge me an additional $65 for helping (policy of FedEx's). I ended rising to the occasion and avoiding the $65 fee. At least the guy let me use his new MONSTER dolly. He told me he just bought it at Costco for $80. Good deal. That thing has 12" off-road tires on it.