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MP3 tracks in wrong order

First I have searched fully this section to see if an answer exists already... but there are gazillions of MP3 posts.... Perhaps a moderator should make a definitive sticky for MP3

I have been succesfully burnin MP3 CD / DVD tracks... but there is one proplem I cannot get around.

My tracks look like the following:

This looks pretty good:
1st line Artist/Albums/Album - ( Folder structure )
main body Tracks - ( Filename )
playing Track - Artist / Track ( Details... Mp3 Tag )

There is a problem though...

No matter how I prepare / burn, the tracks are listed in Title order and NOT track number order... very frustrating!

Of course when Itunes burns them it puts the track number first, so they end up in the correct order.... BUT, you then end up with the track number being shown twice... a waste of the limited display width, and does not look as tidy.

If the BMW always displays the tracks in File name order, I cannot see a way around this problem... unless someone else can?

Clearly I want to keep the folder structure as on DVD's you end up wiith a serious amount of tracks...

I have tried all options whithin Nero, Roxio, but have not solved this issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated...

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