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Originally Posted by inthemiddle View Post
bump and info maybe...

i'm pre 29.2 and took my car in for brakes at 15K .. they replaced rear pads and rotors... but claimed they could not (or would not ??) reset the light unless i let them update the programming in my car...

car is reporting front and back need replacing.. but the dealer said the front was still ok....

i have the BT scan tool... i played with it one night.. thought i went through everything..... didn't see anything about resetting brake wear warnings/codes...

not sure how to reset it... obviously if just replacing the pads/rotors/sensor would do it.. then the light should have reset it self...

does anyone know how to reset this ??

ALSO.... how quickly/often do rotors wear ? replaced rear at 15K.. should i plan on replacing rotors everytime i do pads on this car ? if so.. at $400ish for a set of rotors... i'm tempted to buy a BBK (but then my 17" spare might be an issue)
I'm surprised you needed to change rotors and pads at 15K miles. Pads ok, but rotors? I'm just over 20K miles and track my car heavily (15+ days per year) and I am just changing pads (have 30% remaining front and back). Unless you seriously warped the rotors they should be good for a long time yet. I'm just turning mine due to a small aboration on one rotor. Something sounds fishy.

Others should chime in.
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