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I have a 191 bhp version of the 323i as well since its a 2008 model so I presume that its not much different from the 325.

Getting a brand new 335i might be a bit out of my league in terms of costs and finances, but was wondering whether its worthwhile to snap up a 2nd hand 330 or 335 ...

Any thoughts?

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Contact BMW Concessionaires for a test drive, I'm sure they'll entertain you!

I drive a E92 323 (190hp). In my opinion, the 325 coupe (218hp) is not worth the HK$100K premium as the 325 is only marginally more responsive than the 323. The 330 (272hp) is a much faster car but if you option it up with sport seats, sport suspension, 18 inch alloys etc... to match the 335, the price difference is minimal! I am not too sure about the sedan pricing structure but I dont think that it would be too far off. That's why most of the E92's and 93's in HK are either 323's or 335's. And yes, the 335 is in a totally different league!! My BMW dealer told me a month or two ago that the E90 335's now come with iDrive/navigation, this is a HK$30K (plus 85% tax) option as part of a special offer.

Hope this helps.