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Originally Posted by stevensonleehk View Post
Thanks for all your input.

Well, I did buy my 323i brand-new - but that was in December 2007. Its really been trouble-free and I am about to bring it back to BMW next week for its 2nd routine service.

I guess the price of a 2007 335i is now within my price range - wondering whether its worthwhile trading up for one ...

Having said that, the 2009 LCIs also look very stylish as well ... I was at the supermarket today and a 2009 335i was parked right next to mine - looks a lot more aggressive and sporty.

Btw, do you know whether the new E90 LCIs are made in SA? or are they made in Germany?
I could be wrong, but I don't think the E90s are made in the USA.