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Originally Posted by piezo View Post
You tropical folks do realize that COOLANT raises the boiling point and contains rust inhibitors, right?

Now someone will chime in with "rust inhibitors? with an aluminum block and plastic radiator tanks?"
Where did you read anyone recommending to run straight water?

And last time I checked, our cylinder sleeves are not aluminum.

Are you aware what anti-freeze even mostly consists of?

Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
Boiling point in a pressurized system isn't really an issue...the car will go into limp mode due to coolant temps long before the water/coolant will boil. However the corrosion protection provided by coolant is something to definitely consider...that's why its recommended that even if you live in areas that don't freeze to at least use an 80/20 H2O/coolant mix, or use deionized water and put in water wetter, which also has corrosion inhibiting properties.
Finally someone that sounds like they aren't pulling facts out of their ass.

Originally Posted by FCPGroton View Post
It also helps the radiator remove more heat from the coolant to help keep the car cooler. Water wetter is like coolant on steroids.
You really need to stop stop posting your invalid theories.

The only thing that helps the radiator remove heat is the air that goes through it (naturally and with the aid of the radiator fan).

Water wetter is normally used as an additive for individuals running a mostly straight water mix. It helps to prevent rust.

Although it is not uncommon for it to be added to a normal coolant mix.