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BRAKE and "Car On Lift" Lights ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF ??

2008 328xi is not under warranty so dealer is not an option.

The front tire rubbed through the brake pad sensor wire setting off the BRAKE and "CAR ON LIFT" light on the dash. I replaced the sensor and tried clearing the fault using the Bavarian Technics setup. The fault would not clear until I reset the CBS item for the front brakes and then I could clear the fault. Lights went out and all was good ... ALMOST.

The BRAKE and "Car On LIft" lights seem to come on about 50% of the time when running the car (usually but not always at startup) but go out after running a few minutes. No fault is recorded.

WTF! Evidently I'm missing something in clearing the fault or I need to press the stalk 4 times while the door is open for at least 30 seconds while picking my nose and bouncing on the seat twice to REALLY clear the fault.

Any ideas?