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Jack mounting point and Jack stands mounting points

Last night I spent like 2 hours finding all the possible and "recommended" jack mounting points for the jack stands. Surprisingly I found out many people pointed out a range of different ideas for this issue. However, it is very true that people gonna scratch their head to find a good spot to place the jack stands while the owner manual recommended jack mounting point on the side is occupied by the jack. Today I did my first DIY oil change for my E92, everything worked well, and I'd like to share my experience to everybody .
ATTENTION: I'm not claiming the way I jack up my car is 100% safe and correct. Everything you try according to this post is at your OWN RISK and I'll not be responsible for any damage or loss.

A good friend of mine took some mechanics classes in college and he always put the jack stands at the red circle spot for oil change, regarding to the image right below (this picture is originally posted by ENINTY):

First of all, I live in Hong Kong, which is a city that I estimated 99.9% of the population in this packed city live in an apartment flat. Less than 0.00001% of the people would have any serious tools for their cars, such as ratchet, different sizes of bolt nuts, lift jack, hydraulic jack, rhino ramps, or jack stands. The main reason is that they have no garage and the husbands will get beaten by their wives if they buy all these shits and let them sit in the 600-1000 sq ft apartment flat (My dad already bitches at me for buying 2 jack stands). Alright, the only jack I have is jacked from the trunk of my dad's MB S class. This thing seems a little bit cheesy but I'm not depending on it only, no doubt.

First I unscrew the 4 screws that I circled in red, and pull that black plastic sheet. Then you will probably see the sheet metal inside.

There is a black round plastic thing underneath the black plastic sheet that I just asked you to pull out of the way. That's where I place my jack stand. You can take a look of the picture above as a refer where that black round thing is (sorry for the blurry photo). I actually found this spot after reading this post -->
However, I found that black round thing looks kinda different on my E92 compare to E90, but the location is pretty much the same.
Notice that I still have that MB cheesy jack spotted at the side jack mounting point AND I put my second jack stand right under the front center jack mounting point located in the middle and quite linear to the brake discs.
After placing my two jack stands, I start to slowly lowering the car with the cheesy jack, and I make sure the car is at the height that the weight of the car evenly distributed to BOTH jack stands AND the cheesy jack. Finally I tried to roll and push my car back and forth, and it seems to sit quite firm on these 3 thing I got underneath.
The way I did might not be the best way to do it, but it all worked fine for me. Hopefully this will help any of you by a certain degree.
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