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Originally Posted by Peter@VMRWheels View Post
^^ Fakes are less prevalent in TW than it is in China although its still around. In fact its actually tough to find real whiskey on the streets there. Most are *ok* to drink meaning you won't get sick from it..... But that doesn't prevent an establishment from diluting the mixture. In fact rumor has it, that there are people who drink so much fake whiskey, that they confuse the real ones as being fake

so true as to China though,
my bro and a couple of his friends went to china and after drinking one of the nights they only had appetite for hot soup for 2 days
fake whiskey can really mess you up, luckily didn't drink too much or will end up on hospital
in any case, there is a good spot i always go when i'm back in twn.
in ming-shen e.road, not a club though