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Originally Posted by teleopti View Post
Nope. The car is built extremely solid and much better than the E46 predecessor. I have yet to experience any issues. The recalls should have been done and if they haven't, BMW will take care of them at your local dealer as long as there are no aftermarket parts, etc. on the car.

Why is the rx8 impractical for a college student?
yeah after hearing things about the e46 it made me wonder what sort of problems i would be looking at with the e90 and in my searching i have really not found to much...maybe something here and there about coil packs but nothing to serious

as for the rx8 it gets horrible gas mileage like low teens around city...i will usually get a max of 180 mi to a full tank of it takes a whole tank fro me to get from tallahassee to st. pete.
its also quite small considering that from time to time i have my car packed full of people...and luggage sometimes

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The 2 main concerns would be the pass. seat occupancy sensor, and door latches failing. Other than that, pretty solid car.
yeah those are pretty much the things i kept seeing around so this makes me feel a bit more confident hah

thanks for the replies