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RWD only.

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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
1. When I press the Fog light button, I expect it to stay on, I don't want to keep pushing it every freaking time I get into the car.

2. The Auto Wiper button....Needs to have a position where I don't have to worry about pressing it every damn time the car turns off also. Another side note, it needs better placement, I can't tell if the damn things on or off because my steering wheel is blocking it.

3. Get stickier run flats! My Conti's suck!
1. Agreed. There should be a position on the O-knob.

2. Fyi, you know if they're activated if you push it and the wipers sweep. If they don't, you're turning it off. Takes 0.5 secs to do a double tap. A permanent "On" mode seems unusual. I don't know a car that has that.

3. Dude, ditch the RFTs.
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