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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
bmw. please. for the love of god. cut this fucking shit out. you pull out of F1 to make more peices of fucking garbage like this? the 3 should have been the smallest car they make. thats it. enough of this shit. a z2. fine. but not a bmw based on a mini.
what, are they gonna reveal a RWD mini?

they want to build a car for everyone. enough is enough.
Aside from a 0 series sounding stupid (and I would highly doubt it will be so named if it makes it) I don't understand why you think its such a bad thing. Just don't buy one. Don't worry you'll still have your increasingly bloated 3 and 5 series cars to chose from. You are aware the 1 series is globally their best selling line now, yes?