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Originally Posted by a3ndy
Actually, monaco blue looks very flattering in these pictures. Very close to black I might add.
I was at a dealership again today. Stevens Creek BMW in San Jose, California. They had at least 10 e90s on display so I spent a lot of time just looking at the color combinations. Some were indoors and some were outside. These included Artic, Jet Black, SG, TiAg, White, and Monaco Blue.

The Monaco Blue was much darker than I expected. When I first looked at it outside I had my sunglasses on and I thought it was black, and it was sitting right next to a Jet Black car. I thought it was a nice color but I preferred the Jet Black and the TiAg. Didn't like the SG as much as I thought I would because, as mentioned here on this board, it can look kind of purplish.

The TiAg actually looked better to me even than in the pictures. It looks great with the 162s--very sleek. I was convinced that I wanted Jet Black but after seeing the silver, I'm torn again. On interior colors, I thought I was going to want the aluminum trim because I thought its contemporary simplicity would match the design of the carr. However, when I looked at it the long aluminum dash insert looks a bit too flat--especially without iDrive.

I wasn't crazy about the poplar color--the wood is too yellowish grey for my taste. I liked the burl the best, which I didn't expect.

The Terra leather was intriguing but just a tad to reddish for me. I didn't mind the beige leather but the beige plastic I didn't like. I came away feeling the black leather/leatherette was the best choice and the Terra is interesting. Wish we could get lemon in the US.