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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
Impossible. The guy didn't know jack shit and they take pre orders without even knowing a release date. I know people that had september 09 preorders for GT5 and just go pushed back. Earliest anyone will get this game is March 31, 2010.

Trust me I follow this shit like every day. Some pics for you guys.

Good day sir
Thanks for clarifying that.

I was on GT Planet a few days ago but thought he knew better.

The Graphics are amazing but there is only so much time a guy can play Prologue and Forza. Come on Polyphony Digital!

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Originally Posted by Gordon Murray View Post
Being a fan of Honda engines, I requested that they consider building for the F1 a 4.5 liter V10 or V12. I asked, I tried to persuade them, but in the end could not convince them to do it, and the McLaren F1 ended up with a BMW engine.