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Originally Posted by oneshare325
Anyone else have this still runs like crap after leaving the battery disconnected all night??
Hey Oneshare...
I did this mod the other day and I'm feeling the same thing as you describe.
I actually noticed it more with the intake mod than when I got the exhaust mod done. For whatever reason, when I punch the gas, the RPM's will shoot up but the car won't move much in the process, then it kicks in and goes but it doesn't feel a whole lot faster.
To be honest, I haven't really had a long enough straight to go down and because I just got a speeding ticket last week, I get paranoid.

Also to those who use K&N's... I looked at the MAF sensor when I took it out and it just looks like a diode and some metal wires. Is it possible to spray with electrical contact cleaner and remove the oils? Does the oil short out the diode?