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All I know is my car got to port late last night.[/quote]

Since you seem like you have been following this process so thoroughly, would you mind me asking you to walk through the day by day production progress (with dates) so that we could all get a sense for the timeline from Production beginning to Arriving at Bremerhaven? I can see how long the ships take to travel to the US but the timeline of manufacturing is less clear.

For example, yesterday (October 13) my CA emailed to tell me that my car "jumped to 150" but that it wasn't really going to be manufactured until next week (the week of October 19th).

Today (October 14), I called the BMW 800 number and it said "Your vehicle is in production. Your estimated completion date is October 21, 2009." So I am not sure if my car is truly in production, or if it is really just scheduled for production next week like my CA said.

When did your car "jump to 150" and on what day did the BMW 800 number (or your CA) tell you that "Your vehicle is in production."

Would also be interesting to hear if your "estimated completion date" changed at all during the manufacturing process.

Thank you in advance.