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i have problem with my e90 too. it appears that i dont get the smell but i get something like small white particles. i suspect it is due to taking my car for someone to fix and paint the door that someone had smashed and probably was painting with the windows open or something. whenever i press auto and the fan kicks in on max (due to outside temperature being around 35 celsius) i get those particles in my eyes and the car looks like a barn after a few seconds. small white particles in millions. the car needs a cleaning every day. i removed the pollen filter from within the engine bay and blew some air with the air compressor. you cant imagine what was happening. trillions of small white particles were flying all over the upholstery. it became white instead of black. i cleaned everything with a vacuum cleaner and the next day the same thing happened. it's very annoying. please also note that this things start flying as soon as i switch the heater on. after a few seconds they disappear. it doesnt matter whether hot or cold they just come out depending on the fan speed. any ideas where the blower motor is located? also the evaporator? i want to see if they are clean. any ideas of what is going on guys? anyone knows how to clean the vents inside?