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I just bought an e92 335i from Germany with almost every option and 9000 km on the clock. It was about 60k€ including finnish taxes. I had a friend check it for me so I didn't test drive the car before transfering the money from Finland.
I was quite amazed on autobahn when I noticed that the car didn't have any sort of cruise control.

I can see why it isn't that important in Germany where you don't have to care that much what speed you are driving but in Finland with ridiculous high traffic fines it's really a must have option. I want to make sure I'm always driving as fast as possible without getting speeding tickets. Without cruise control I'm always accidentally driving too fast.

So what parts do I need to retrofit the dynamic cruise control?
I would guess it's easier to retrofit the dynamic cruise control than the active one.
Will it help that my car is newer than 2006?
The pictures on the first page doesn't seem to work anymore.