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Switched from Run Flats to normal tires... now getting multiple error codes

Hey everyone, I'm new to E90post so hello all

I did a quick search, but couldn't find the specific answer I'm looking for so I apologize in advance if this has been beaten to death or posted a million times.

So a couple days ago I replaced my bald, worn out Bridgestone Potenza RE050A runflats with some non-runflat Sumitomo's. Everything was fine for about a day, no lights, no errors, nothing. Then the next morning, about halfway to work, I got a few different yellow notification errors, the DSC turned off, and the "brake" light illuminated yellow.

Did some research on here and found their definitions. They are:

CC-24 = DSC Failed. DBC failed. No additional assistance when braking.
CC-35 = DSC Failed. Restricted driving stability when accelerating and cornering.
CC-354 = Start off Assistance inactive. Vehicle may roll backwards.
CC-50 = Tire Failure Indicator Failed. Tire Failure cannot be detected.

So I took it back to BigBrand, where I had the tires installed, and they called the dealership (Steve Thomas, Camarillo CA, where I get all the service done and the car is under warranty with) and they told me they couldn't "reset it" and that I could take it to the dealership but that I would have to pay for them to "reset the wheel speed sensor." After they found out I switched from run flat tires, they said that this was the cause of my problems.

That is obviously false, as the car will intermitantly start without any of those error codes. Then after a while it will fail and all of those codes will come back.

So my questions are:
Can I reset this myself somehow?
Are E90 325's capable of running non-runflats? Hopefully this is as ridiculous a question as it sounds...
Does running non-runflat tires void the warranty?

Thanks for the information guys