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Originally Posted by Mallard View Post
is the car with i-drive or not?

The TPS system can be reset / initialised from in the cabin yes.
You can of course run regular tires on the e90 (almost everyone here does..)
Check if the !wheels! can have non runflats fittet though.. some have said there is a differance with the inner seal lip, and it gives problems when fitting non RFs

The wheelspeed sensor, which is also in part the ABS sensor on the rear left i think cant be reset via the OBC. so its a dealer or someone with a GT1 tester.

As for non rfs voiding your warranty... yeah, i think it does.. its an non OE part, so BMW wont cover it.

Sounds like something happened when mounting your wheel mabey? if they were a little over zealous when fitting, they could have tugged on the ABS sensor wire causing a prob..

Have a look at the connection for the 2 rear ABS sensors, There could be something there

Non RFT's do not void any warranty. BMW won't pay for the tires if they are defective of course but it has no effect on the rest of the car. Sounds like in this case an ABS sensor was damaged or unplugged. If one ABS sensor is bad for any reason all of these faults will pop up.