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very strange for the 800# reps not to have any info for you--they are usually on top of it until it gets to port.

As far as the automated 800 status #--that # is not reliable at car has been at port since Tuesday, and the # still says "your car is in the paint shop, with an estimated completion date of 10/13"

so dont bother with that #...

Your car is prob in the body shop..or some stage of production right now..Oct 20/21 is prob when you'll get done...and if its like me, you'll get to port one day after completion... then..good luck..theres a ship leaving on 10/21, one on 10/22, and one on 10/24.

seems like the norm is to wait at port for a week before you get a ship---you might be there till the next batch on 11/4 or so...unless you get lucky.

these next few steps are the worst I tell you--This is my 3rd time going through this ordering process, and it gets worse each time.