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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post
This is the problem. When given absolute proof from the most authoritive sources, the birthers wave off that proof and say "what else you have?"

So there is absolutely no point in providing any single item on the birther's list of dozens of items they demand to see.

I've provided tons of authoritive links and evidence on this board. For you to say links haven't been provided is an outright lie. It is your own failure that you have failed to read them for yourself.
Woohoo, nixon is back. Ive missed you for a few days around here. Sorry but a computer generated COLB isnt proof of anything. And a newspaper article that anybody could make isnt proof either.

Do you know what is proof..........the birth certificate. Wow, that hasnt been released has it. And you said that you provided tons of links regarding proof of birth? I must have missed all those. I love the blind obama followers propaganda. Its funny.

I have more evidence of my cats birth (the one in the avatar) then I do for the Presidents of the USA. A transparent white house obama said. He must have been talking all those promises he failed to deliver. Yes, those broken promises are very very transparent.