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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Actually, the BMW install is going to be a bit different. There isn't enough room in the ECU compartment for a patch harness. Instead, we're going to be doing all our intercepting under the hood at the sensor connectors themselves.

Nice work. Coming from the B4 S4 world, this is why turbos rules, especially TT.

With the S4, a simple $600 GIAC flash would give 60HP and 80ft/lbs...and yes, it is noticeable to those that don't get it.

15-20HP is hard to feel often, but with this work you have done, people will feel their car transformed, when it comes on the boost, it will really give the ummph..especially with the torque...that is the butt dyno saying..yeah, we are going alot faster.

I am considering getting rid of my '03 M3 now and moving to a 335i and doing your chip and exhaust...and you still get 20+mpg I am sure, plus I get 93 oct in Florida..

Nice work Vishnu...