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excellent comment left on one of the sites talking about this car:

you're going to have a very hard time convincing your average car enthusiast, not the guys you meet at your civic meets Wednesday nights at the boba cafe, that this car is relevant and not full of fail.

Look at the 2000GT, toyota's first supercar. beautiful, fast, capably priced.
Look at the LF-A. Not beautiful by any conventional car metric, not cohesively designed, not faster than cars costing half the price. Because the nature of this blog comment section is to weigh cars on their merits, the LF-A comes up quite short. That the most efficient car company on earth would need to loose money on a car that costs twice that of the F458 speaks volumes, especially when Nissan can compete with the F458 for Hundreds of Thousands less.

I understand you're excited because it has a lexus badge and a V10. Fine. But even weighed with a jingoistic only Japanese focus this car still measures shorter than its Italian and European competitors while costing more. To most car people, that's not a raging success. For that sorta thing, look no further than the GT-R. heavy yet intelligently engineered, brand new ideas which manage to make it staggeringly quicker than cars hundreds of pounds lighter and at such a remarkable price. Nissan has shown us they’re the new masters of this game, Toyota has shown us how far they need to come.


Toyota's the most efficient car company in terms of production, yet they're charging more than zonda money for something slower and still bleed money on each one?

I understand we have a few toyota fans here, and for them I understand their excitement that toyota has finally produced something capable of matching say the R8's 0-60 (though the R8 has the engine in the right place) and the McLaren's top end (though the mclaren has the engine in the right place) and is still slower than the GT-R off the line. I get that. But stepping back. If Audi had charged more than they charge for the Gallardo for the R8 and cried that they couldn't figure out how to do it without loosing money, we'd all be laughing still. Just as we laughed when VAG said they'd never make their money back on the veyron. Trouble is, the veyron's the fastest car on earth. This car's no more remarkable than cars from established supercar makers half the price and that just doesn't sit well.

Nissan did their halo car right. A true remarkable advancement in automotive design, heavy yet fast as fack, and cheaper than anything remotely close. In short, they did the impossible. Toyota didn't. They took dramatically more time and money than their competitors to produce a car which is just as good, and they're forced to hope customers will foot the bill. We'll see how well this sells. And befor anyone begins talking about the Zondas let's remember they're faster, lighter, cost the same, and are true limited run cars.
I totally agree in every way.
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