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I'd take the new McLaren and a Maserati over this. For a Japanese sportscar, no slam here, to ask for $375,000 is a very very high threshold.

Not only does it need to destroy every other car short of an ALMS prototype but it's gotta look like it was created by Michelaneglo with space alien technology. Even at 500 units I just don't know.

I ask myself does this car looks or performs like it's worth $150K, $200K?....but $375K? I suppose there are enough people in the world to fill 500 orders, I imagine a third will stay in Japan.

The GT-R would only be this car's worst enemy if the LF-A were around $150K. The difference is the GT-R conquered all comers at an amazing price point, the LF-A is a no holds barred supercar with a price to match, it might as well be $600K. I'll pick one up when they get marked down to $65K.

I'm not trying to bash what clearly is going to be an amazing car, just wondering why it exists considering the price tag.

I suppose it's part of why Toyota is in trouble, they created a car for every single market and got enormous, be it cars that were in-mass or exotic, wanted or not.