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Originally Posted by nybsbl04 View Post
So this is a never-ending, bizarre story:

2PM Yesterday:

I got into contact with the owners and notified that their car had been sitting in front of my building for two weeks, untouched. They were ecstatic to say the least. TO make a long story short, the owners' son had the car while in college at Boston and made a road trip to visit his friend in NYC. He had it parked outside, and a few hours later it was gone, stolen. They arranged to have him take a bus from Boston to NYC this friday to get the car as the insurance company overnighted him the keys.


I come back from a late dinner and see 3 NYPD cars surrounding the 335i, which is now perpendicular on the road, with half of the car up on the side walk, and half in the road. I walk over to the officers and tell them my story, in which they were shocked, but believed me. It appears the thieves came back and tried to swing the car out of the spot they left it in. The car is still untouched and locked. They contacted the owners in California with the phone number I provided and contact the Auto Task Force to run the plates. The car was picked up by an NYPD tow truck and impounded. They think it's a car theft ring that uses frequency duplicators and tow trucks to take and read the wireless frequencies of the remotes.

how do you start the car without the key in the ignition though? isnt it a vin specific "chip"? It's one thing to unlock the car with the frequency, but isn't it another thing to start the car? Can you duplicate the chip or whatever is required to actually start it?

Not saying I don't believe you. Another thing though, if a car is equipped with BMW assists, can't it track its location? I never used it, nor do I have it built in so I'm not sure how they track down people unless given the information.