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Originally Posted by icyhot e92 View Post
how do you start the car without the key in the ignition though? isnt it a vin specific "chip"? It's one thing to unlock the car with the frequency, but isn't it another thing to start the car? Can you duplicate the chip or whatever is required to actually start it?

Not saying I don't believe you. Another thing though, if a car is equipped with BMW assists, can't it track its location? I never used it, nor do I have it built in so I'm not sure how they track down people unless given the information.

Its a very bizarre story. The officer said that they unplugged the battery and it died after a while, rendering the tracking useless. No one really knows how it was stolen, but they think it was towed from the original spot to the one near my house or someone, somehow knew how to get the car going. No car is invincible.