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Hi All,
I'm having the same problem as most of you,
Purchased my BMW 320D auto 05 (currently 48K) from main dealer less than 2 years ago,
warranty ran out in Jan 09…which my mistake I didn’t renew
DSC light came on, booked it in to main dealer explained which lights were on. Went into drop the car off, was told they would charge 125+VAT for diagnosing the problem, and then let me know the cost of fixing it. Not really sure why as much 125 as the lights should already tell them what the problem is, and surly it shouldn’t take a whole day(125 days labour) to diagnose what the problem is.
Thought ok wont argue too much hopefully it wont to costly to sort the prob out. Yep very nave….when the rang me up to tell me what the problem was and how much it was going to cost….nearly fell through the floor! Gutted, so wasn’t what to do, as I only thought it needed a service which it went in for.
Was usual story of goodwill gesture….in my case they would knock of 80% of part only…..
So the cost to me would be around 750(inclusive, part, labor, reprogramming, vat)….this on top of the 125+vat already paid for plugging in a computer and reading what it tells em(apparently a days work)
Told them will think about it as service cost me over 400, and also told will need 4 new tires soon…..
Looking on this forum the goodwill seems to vary person to person……so wanted to ask if others think this is reasonable?
Disgruntled BMW driver
p.s every time i go into BMW I feel like I’ve been ripped off!