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Originally Posted by DeSotoSteve
I put one in my wife's steptronic last week. To remove the shiftboot, I simply pulled up firmly on the back edge and it just popped out. Once it was free from the console, I was able to pull up on the woodgrain trim to remove it. It took a little more effort to pull it up--plus, I was being extra careful to not break it. It eventually came free. I was then able to turn the shiftboot and slip it through the opening in the trim so I could completely remove the trim from the car. I took it in the house, turned it face down on a piece of carpet, and installed the tray. Reverse the process to reinstall.

Other than the electrical connectors, it should be virtually the same as the manual transmission. Piece of cake. The whole process took me about 30 minutes. Good luck!

Installed the sunglass holder yesterday. My only snag was cracking the wood trim piece that covers the new sunglass tray...

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