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There are junkyards in New York that have parts for bland new models out a mere 2 months. Not saying anything, but people are sure naive, how do you think that happens? Yeah it could be from accident cars, but come-on. I have bought parts from such places because they have legit sales business, but is the source always what they say it was? I used to work for a guy in Lodi, NJ many many moons ago. Remember when the Lexus LS first hit US dealers? He had one of the first arrivals to NJ, because he knew it was a rebadged Toyota Crown or something like that, and he was a car nut and all sorts of nice expensive cars, who thought the new car was very good, never mind the press took a while to realize this was a jewel, so he pre-ordered one.

Anyway, car gets into an accident damages a body panel and breaks a suspension piece, he had to wait on. I know because I washed the car for him. Anyway he gets his estimate gets insurance payment, then tells me he'll get a like new part for it from the junkyard and I am like ok. Thinking where the hell would you get these parts for car that's been out barely a month? (Wreck prone car or what?) Mind you this is the only Lexus LS I had seen so far. Well guy calls hunts point NY, talks to some guy tells him what he is looking for negotiates a price, and then tells me, ok, they'll see what they can do and call me back tomorrow kid, come back in a week detail the car for me after the repairs. Incredibly a week later I go to detail his LS and its in brand new condition all parts courtesy of Junk yard. Even back then I was no slouch, I quickly figured out what the possibility was that parts really were not from where they said they were from. I tell him what I am thinking, he smiles and says, kid, I see you aren't all that slow on the uptake, but its none of my business where they came from, I bought them from a legit store. I think, Hmmm, got it! I kind agree with him. Its none of our business where they source cheap parts from, but we all know it really does not always smell right. Ever heard of people selling TVs that "fell off the truck?"

None the less Great detective work! Kudos!!
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