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Whao?! Mitch? You're on here now! Great!! Congrats on the new car, and hope to see you at an autocross event or two this upcoming season.

Sorry, I still owe you an autocross article for the Boston Bimmer.

Happy New Year to you all too! It was nice meeting quite a few of you NE e90posters this year, and I hope to get the pleasure of meeting more of you this upcoming year. You're all a great bunch! Prosper, be healthy, and have fun!

Originally Posted by MBrown1003
I spent a little more than that on winter wheels/tires for the e92 I don't even HAVE YET, and I spent about that on snow shoes for the M5 (new tires all around and had all 4 wheels straightened). If we have no measurable snow this winter, you can all thank me.

My car is enjoying a trans-Atlantic cruise for New Year's ... due in NY next Monday (1/8). As you can imagine, I'm driving myself and my friends crazy waiting. (Yes, I's a VERY short drive.)

I'm planning to get the iPod integration, so I ordered an iPod last week, and started futzing with iTunes today. I've got about 1,400 songs which I tried to add to iTunes in one shot. No such luck. iTunes crashes, with the "useless error message" option enabled. :mad:

I'm adding one folder at a time. Twenty-nine folders down, 26 to go. Sigh. At least it'll keep my mind off the car.

So now I've got the tires, I've got the iPod coming. Now I just need the damn car!