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Wow, that is long.

After watching the first ten minutes, you can pretty much see where this is going. As a matter of general preference, I don't like people trying to scare me with these end of the world type arguments (ie, Al Gore-the world is going to end unless we address climate change; Pat Buchannan - the world is heading towards global governance and a new world order, etc. unless Barack Obama isn't reelected).

To me, the fundamental difference between the philosphical underpinnings of a Republican or Democrat boils down to the (somewhat) simple belief in the motiviations of human behavior and human nature. In my oversimplified opinion, you don't have to look any further than Locke versus Hobbs. (Of course, you can cite some pretty glaring examples of inconsistency like the death penalty, abortion, gay marriage, etc).

Do I think Barack Obama hates America and wants us to enter this 'new world order' with a single currency and single global government? No. Do I think he has some secret pact with the banks and/or a select group of American elitists to preserve their power? Nah. What I do believe is that Barack Obama is an American politician with a belief system that is clearly progressive in its stance. He is going to try all that he can to be a 'successful' president by historical measures, and make some substantive reforms and others that will just seem substantive for political posturing.