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Hey guys just want to pass along a little horror story... just in case anyone is dumb enough to make the mistake I just made concerning winter tires.

I opted not to go to Tire Rack (mistake 1)... due to the shipping time and an up and coming ski trip.

So I opted to go right to the dealership, which I never do, to avoid any annoying "bells and whistles" (mistake 2). They quoted a price for rims and tires about $400 more than tire rack. More importantly they could have them on the car in a week so I took the deal.

I had the tires put on this morning... what the SA didn't know and his handy dandy computer didn't tell him was that the European and US Specs TPM's are NOT compatible... so I am getting the annoying "bells and whistle" warning that I was trying to avoid at all cost.

Normally this mistake would have cost me another 400 Euro to fix... luckily it won't.

Just didn't want anyone falling into the same trap... then again this may be common knowledge and I'm just too stupid to know it.

Bottom line plan ahead and order from Tire Rack!

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