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Originally Posted by I335 View Post
If you can get a sensor for cheap out of a bone yard it may be worth it otherwise I'm guessing it's a $3500K retrofit going w/new parts, not including labor.
That's about right (with Tischer pricing), from the information I have right now, it involves replacing:

Instrument cluster - 62109166852 - $1,024.71 (USA MSRP)
Steering Column Switch Cluster - 61319123057 + 61319110888? - $716.42 + $131.75 (USA MSRP)
Steering Column Lower Trim - 61319174346? - $43.50 (USA MSRP)
Instrument cluster - 62109166852 - $1,024.71 (USA MSRP)

In addition to adding:

ACC-Sensor - 66316777883 - $2,926.71 (USA MSRP)
Longitudinal dynamic module - 66316775949 - $424.41 (USA MSRP)
A bunch of minor brackets / wires / screws / etc...

The installation of the above should probably be a DIY weekend job but the software upgrade is about 2-3 hours of labour charged. By buying the parts above from Tischer I can save probably 30-45% on US MSRP. However, a scrap yard isn't possible for me since there are no Canadian 3-series cars with active cruise control

So yep, it'll be rather expensive... But kinda cool, it's a feature I always wanted, so if it can be done I might give it a try. (And post a detailed DIY if it works )