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So I have a 2008 e90 328, I have recently found a 335i exhaust manifold and turbos. I have a few small mods currently and have some good power from my n/a engine. But there are a few people who have been releasing turbo upgrades, new tunes/ maps for the turbo e90. My question is how hard would it be to put the turbo manifold that I have found with ether upgraded turbos or new higher capacity stock turbos? Im positive that I will have to get the ecu from the 335, and will get it reflashed to get more hp, but what other problems would I run into? The room has to be adequate since they are basically the same car, but the 335 has different style intake, compression, exhaust? Or could I simply install the turbos, plumb them and get a stock 335 ecu and make some improved power? Any help or comments would be useful. I initially wanted either a v10 or turbo m3 motor swap (the hpf turbo motor makes up to 650 rwhp) but have realized that my motor makes great power and have ran against a few 335's and they didnt have shit! Ive also ran with an evo to 140 then that old governor kicked in but I had him! I figure with a modded straight 6 with race gas and meth could easily get around 500-600hp and want to find the best solution to get here.
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haha ha that chrysler turbo encabulator video is flipping halarious! But seriously would it be easier/cheaper to buy a horsepower freaks turbo m3 motor and slap it in which is proven massive power, or to mod my current motor? If I put my rpi intakes and rims on a 335 it would definately smoke my current 328 but my car is looking ill and minus coil overs, engine upgrades, and massive weight reduction my car is exactly how I want it fast and a sleeper!

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If you could afford to do the M5/6 or HPF engine swap why not just trade in for a 335 and upgrade it or maybe a 911 turbo since you are talking large sums of money with either of those ventures.