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swirl marks !!

hi all,
picked up my 330i (sparkling graphite) last night from
the dealer. As I was inspecting the car, I noticed that the
car had swirl marks all over!! I pointed this out to the
salesman and his reply was, 'oh that's just polish, the guys
can wipe that right out.' So, he calls the detailer and
he makes an attempt of filling the swirls with more polish and
rubbing, but the scratches get even worse! They both look
at me with a puzzled look and the detailer then goes on saying
that he would have to use a buffer to take the swirls out.

At this point, should I demand them to get me a different car
that hasn't been prepped by them. Or should I just let them
'fix' it and move on?

FYI, the swirl marks are very noticeable. I tried to fool myself
into believing that they weren't that bad. But, my co worker
noticed it right away w/o me even saying anything about it.